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Telemedicine FAQ and Procedures


We are glad to offer a secure telemedicine option for patients to receive services when circumstances prevent their ability to attend sessions in-person. Since you will not be arriving in our waiting room to be greeted by our friendly staff and helped with check-in and rooming, the following is a guide to help you navigate your arrival and check-in to the appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does my location matter for telemedicine?

  • Yes.  All PCS providers are licensed by the state and can only provide therapy when you are physically in a location in which they hold an active license.  If you are outside a jurisdiction where your therapist is licensed, your provider will not be able to meet with you.  You will still be responsible for cancelling the appointment with 24 or more hours notice, per the cancellation policy.


  • All PCS providers are licensed in the state of MN. Some are also licensed in other states. If you are travelling out of state, check with your provider to determine if they are licensed in that state.


Where can I login for my appointment?

  • Find a quiet and private space at your location – close doors and windows to high-traffic areas.

  • Make sure the area is well-lit. Keep lighting overhead and/or in front of you, rather than behind you. Close blinds and drapes to prevent glares and shadows.

  • Appointments should not be attended from a park, campground, moving car, or other environment that lacks stable internet connection or is unable to provide a distraction-free environment. An attempt to attend an appointment from such an environment may lead to a need to end the appointment and the cancellation policy will apply.

What technology do I need?

  • A mobile device or computer along with internet connection

  • Ensure your device has enough charge (or is plugged in).

  • Tip: Test your device’s connectivity prior to your appointment. 

  • If you intend to use a mobile device, you will either need to download the Zoom app, or access the link directly from a browser

What is the appointment cancellation policy?


  • If you cancel an appointment and do not provide at least 24 hours notice or do not show up to your appointment, you will be charged the full fee of your appointment ($200-$250/hour). Late cancellations are not eligible for submission to insurance.

  • Failure to log in to your telephone appointment is considered to be a no show and will be charged as such.

  • This policy is designed to protect our providers' time, not to penalize our clients financially. When an appointment is made with one of our providers, that time is booked and is no longer available for scheduling. Late cancellation and no show appointments are rarely filled due to lack of advance notice and result in a loss of our providers' time. Payment for late cancel or no show appointments is to be made before the next regularly scheduled appointment.

  • It is the patient’s responsibility to remember their scheduled appointment time.  As a courtesy, we provide text reminders 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment in addition to the multiple telemed links that are emailed; including at the time of the appointment.  


How do I cancel my appointment?

  • There are two ways to cancel an appointment. You can call or email our front desk staff at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.


What if I have to cancel after office hours or during the weekend?

  • No problem! Voicemails are date and time-stamped, so as long as you leave the message, or send the email, 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, you will not be assessed a cancellation fee.

Telemedicine Procedures

  1. When a telemedicine visit is scheduled, an email with a link (“Join meeting”) will be sent to the email that we have on file. The meeting link will also be available in your patient portal (contact the front desk for information on how to access the patient portal). 

    • We are now able to send to multiple email addresses. Please let the front desk know if you want additional email addresses added.

    • Don’t worry if you lose this email, you will receive multiple reminders with the link and you can access the link from your patient portal.

    • The meeting link will come from Please add this to your contact list. 

    • If you are having trouble receiving the emails, access the meeting link by logging into your patient portal.

  2. Two days prior to your appointment, you will receive a text reminder for the appointment. 

    • Only one phone number can receive the text reminder. It is that person’s responsibility to forward the reminder to other parties (e.g. children, spouses, child’s other parent). 

    • Note that for Monday’s appointments, the text reminder is sent on Thursdays.

    • Text reminders are provided as a courtesy. Patients are responsible for remembering and cancelling their appointments per the cancellation policy.

  3. At the time of the appointment, your provider will start the meeting as the host. When that happens, a new email will be sent with a “Join meeting” link.

    • It is your responsibility to remember the time of your appointment and to join the meeting at that time.

    • Your provider will not send a text or call you to remind you at the time of your appointment.

  4. At the time of the appointment, you can log in using the link from any of the emails that you have received for that specific date and time of service.

  5. You can also access the link from your patient portal. If you want to sign up for access to the patient portal, please call the front desk for instructions.

    • To join from the patient portal:  

      • Log in at 

      • Click on Home/Dashboard 

      • Find your appointment under Upcoming Appointments 

      • Click on the Telemedicine button to join  

      • You can also click on Messages, locate the message for your appointment, open it and click on Join Meeting.

  6. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment time, you may be rescheduled in order to meet the needs of those who are on time. A missed appointment fee will be charged.


  • If you have multiple telemedicine visits scheduled, be sure you have clicked on the link for the one specific to that appointment’s date and time as each appointment has a unique address and password.

  • If you are connected but your audio or video isn’t working, it is often easiest to close out and try again.

  • If you are “waiting for the host” it is likely that your provider is delayed from the previous session and will be on shortly or you may have clicked on the wrong link (i.e., wrong date).

  • If you did not receive the email link, you can log in the Patient Portal to access the link.

  • If you are still unable to locate the link, please contact the front desk.



Call 763-559-7050 or email if you need assistance

Telemed Procedures
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