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Cultivating Organized Achieving Confident Higher-reaching Empowered Students

The COACHES program offers personalized coaching to help children, teens and adults improve executive functioning such as time management, organization, planning, task completion and more.  The COACHES program is appropriate for anyone who struggles with executive functions including those with symptoms of anxiety, depression, or ADHD and those without a clinical diagnosis. This program is offered at our Plymouth and St. Louis Park offices. The duration of the program varies for each participant and can be tailored to individual needs. Sessions are covered in full or in part by your health insurance plan and are provided by one of our licensed psychotherapists.

Learn organization and time managemet sklls
Organizaton, Time management, Attention, Concentration
Get organized so you have more time with your friends


School-aged children, adolescents and adults


What: Personalized coaching with a licensed therapist aimed at improving time management, organization, homework efficiency, good study habits and more.


Where: Plymouth and St. Louis Park


Payment Options:

  • Sessions may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance plan.

  • Self-pay (cash, check, credit card)

  • Share the cost of a semi-private session

(not currently taking new clients for this service)

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