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Behavior Express Care (BE-Care)


  • What is BE-Care

    • Quick, easy & affordable access to mental health education

    • Offered in a convenient and familiar setting! Meet with mental health professionals located within select Partners in Pediatrics offices

    • Rapid, short-term help for

      • Emotional concerns

      • Behavioral problems

      • Social issues


  • BE-Care is an educational service that is not covered by insurance. Fee: $25. Payment is due at the time of service



  • Reasons for referral (some examples, not an exhaustive list):


  • Any behavioral or emotional concern that a provider feels a patient needs more education or support (e.g. sleep, feeding, parenting, tantrums, time-outs, etc.)


  • If it is more than “typical” concerns, but not a diagnosable concern (e.g. worries that aren’t interfering with daily functioning, but are elevated)


  • A patient needs help navigating school IEP or 504 process


  • If a patient is hesitant about ongoing therapy, BE-Care can be used as a starting point and the provider can spend more time educating patients about therapy effectiveness.

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